About us

Port of Power or POP is the hot spot of cleantech innovation in Estonia. The hub draws together companies from Greentech and Renewable Energy, offering investments and access to regional and international networking.

POP is run by Sunly and Cleantech ForEst. Sunly is a renewable energy company that invests in cleantech startups. Cleantech ForEst is an Estonian non-profit that supports and funds early stage green technology startups.

We at POP are dedicated to serve startups. It is not just about providing an office space but supporting an entrepreneurial environment and nurturing the cleantech community with new knowledge, partners & investors.

We provide

We are currently also creating a cleantech demo centre at POP to provide a space where cleantech startups, their products and services can be exhibited and introduced. The demo centre will be a primary contact point for international networks, allowing foreign delegations and organisations to gain an overview of the clean technologies developed by Estonian startups. It’s also a platform of inspiration for all locals.

“POP is a great place to build a cleantech company. It is the first community in Estonia that is focused on building sustainable future and filled with experts from energy sector.”

Madis Uuemaa, CEO, Themo